• Balanoglossus lives in burrows in the intertidal sandy areas.
  • Its body is long cylindrical.
  • In its pharynx 'U' shaped gills are present with increase in its age the number of gills will increase in number.
  • Each gill has two lobes.
  • These two lobes are separated by tongue bar. This tongue bar is hollow.
  • belanoglasus-respiration
  • It contains coelom.
  • Each gill opens into pharynx.
  • Near by gills are separated by septa are present.
  • Gill is supported by gill bar.
  • These gill bars are primary and secondary.
  • They are transversely connected by synaptaculae.
  • The gills are supplied with blood capillaries.
  • These gills open out through gill slits.
  • The water from pharynx will enter into the gills.
  • Oxygen present in this water will diffuse into the blood of blood capillaries present in the walls of gills like that C02 from blood will diffuse into the water.
  • Thus branchial respiration is carried on in Balanoglossus.

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